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Psychotherapy services in Norwalk CT provided by Tai Pimputkar, LCSW.  Offering Psychodynamic Talk Therapy, EMDR Therapy, IFS Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.  Adults, Adolescents, Couples Counseling, Families.  Specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma symptoms, couples and relationship issues.  Trauma informed and LGBT friendly therapy.

Serving clients in Fairfield County Connecticut, and the towns of Norwalk, Westport, Wilton, Fairfield, Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Milford, Stratford, Greenwich, Southport, Weston, Easton, RIdgefield, and surrounding areas.


Whole Psychotherapy - Sand Tray Therapy for Adolescents and Adults - Norwalk CT

Sand Tray Therapy, an experiential and intuition-based healing modality with Jungian roots.  Located in Norwalk CT.

Sand Tray Therapy - Expressive, Creative, visual metaphor

Sand Tray therapy relies upon play, visual metaphor, archetypes, and instinct to gain deep understanding into your inner world.  If you are someone who connects deeply with your felt sense of being, or who expresses yourself through movement or textures, Sand Tray could provide a powerful and effective outlet for you to communicate your inner experience while shifting intense or stuck feelings or beliefs. 

Much like various art therapies, creative play is a venue for the unspoken and un-seeable to be communicated.  Unlike art therapies, however, sand tray therapy often causes much less concern with regard to artistic talent and ability.  Sand tray therapy can be integrated with other modalities, allowing it to provide a highly creative and transformational experience.  Creative play can produce subtle but powerful shifts in a person's internal worlds, allowing you to more fully and deeply connect with yourself and the world around you.  I work with adolescents and adults in the sand tray, providing a space to explore, create, play, and heal, regardless of age.  

Traditional talk therapy relies upon explicit left-brain verbal expression of your experience.  While this is very useful for working with certain aspects of your life, it neglects to involve emotions, sensations, and beliefs that may be held as implicit right-brained thoughts, such as those that may be more visual or related to feelings.  Working with objects and playing in the sand can provide a creative avenue within which you may express yourself through visual, tactile, and sensory means.  Thus, healing-arts, such as sand tray therapy, can allow you to more fully access deeply held non-verbal memories, beliefs, and feelings that may not be accessible through talk therapy alone.  Sand tray therapy often taps into the mind's ability to codify experiences in metaphor or symbol thus allowing access to a type of storytelling, meaning-making, and communication that may not occur in linear conversation such as that involved in talk therapy.

A personal note about using Sand tray Therapy as a therapist

Sand Tray therapy is a wonderful modality for kids, adults, and families.  It allows a non-verbal expression that creates a visual metaphor for emotions and situations that are not always easily captures in words.  If you or your loved ones find yourself at a loss for words, this may be a great way to communicate in a really unique way.  This is particularly powerful for those who are introverted and those who find certain life experiences or emotions to be too upsetting to put into words.  Sand Tray therapy is also great for those who are creative, visual/spacially oriented, or those who could use "play" in their lives.  I offer Sand Tray therapy sessions exclusively in my office located in Norwalk CT.