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Psychotherapy services in Norwalk CT provided by Tai Pimputkar, LCSW.  Offering Psychodynamic Talk Therapy, EMDR Therapy, IFS Therapy, and Sand Tray Therapy.  Adults, Adolescents, Couples Counseling, Families.  Specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma symptoms, couples and relationship issues.  Trauma informed and LGBT friendly therapy.

Serving clients in Fairfield County Connecticut, and the towns of Norwalk, Westport, Wilton, Fairfield, Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Milford, Stratford, Greenwich, Southport, Weston, Easton, RIdgefield, and surrounding areas.


Whole Psychotherapy - IFS Therapy in Norwalk CT - Tai Pimputkar, LCSW

Internal Family Systems (IFS Therapy), a gentle and powerful healing modality.  Treats intense emotions, ambivalence, low self-confidence, perfectionism, apathy, feeling confused, identity concerns, and LGBT issues.  Located in Norwalk CT.

Internal Family Systems in Norwalk ct:

IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy is a treatment modality that gently and effectively treats a wide variety of emotional and psychological concerns including upsetting memories, dysfunctional behaviors, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, ambivalence and internal conflict, among others.  The IFS model honors the various "parts" of you while affecting deep healing and change.  This is done by viewing every thought, feeling, and behavior as being a valuable source of insight for you.   People commonly talk about “a part of themselves” feeling one way and “another part” feeling differently.  IFS works with each of your parts in order to gain understanding, and eventually help all parts of a system work more effectively as parts of a whole.  Your parts are all viewed as sources of information and wisdom.  Rather than working to get rid of various parts of yourself that you may not like, the IFS model helps to accept and integrate even the least likeable parts into a functioning whole. 

With IFS, you will gain insight and compassion for yourself and your behavior, even the ones you may not expect to understand.  This increased awareness leads to feelings of wholeness, okay-ness, relaxation, and joy.  You will find that you trust yourself more and are more connected to your instincts.  Ultimately, this will shift not only your internal world, but allow you to enjoy deeper connection in relationships and a more joy-filled life.

Because of its name, people often ask if IFS is good for individual therapy.  The answer is Yes!  IFS is designed for individuals as well as couples or families.  The word "family" seems misleading, and in this case it is referring to a related system of a person's "parts" of themselves. 

A Personal note - using IFS as a therapist:

As a therapist, I find IFS to be one of the most powerful, effective, gentle, and creative therapies I have come across.  I really enjoy using this model with clients, as I think it is tremendously helpful at supporting growth, healing, and change.  While you, the client, are fully in charge of the direction and pacing of your session, the IFS model will give you the tools to fully express yourself in ways that traditional talk therapy can miss.  Please come give IFS a try, and see how IFS can help you meet your goals.  I offer IFS at my office in Norwalk CT, and through video or audio conferencing teletherapy sessions.

An animated video description of the healing power of Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), a type of Psychotherapy offered by Tai Pimputkar, LCSW at Whole Psychotherapy. 

IFS is considered an evidence-based practice by SAMHSA showing promise in treating clients with emotional and physical symptoms.

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